Will these fit my car?

The wheels we sell are guaranteed to fit the specifications provided in the listing. We can provide adapters with your order for an additional cost. Please contact us if interested.

What am I purchasing?

The auction price represents a full set of four wheels.

What warranty comes with these wheels?

The finish on our wheels is covered by a one year warranty, while the structure is covered by a lifetime warranty.

What are these wheels made from?

Our wheels are manufactured from the highest grade aluminum available. Our wheels pass German specifications, with ISO and TUV certificates.

 Will my original lug bolts/nuts work with these wheels?

When you change the wheels on your vehicle, you must change the lugs as well.Please call us at (310) 275-4393 or email us with any questions relating to lugs

Where does my item ship from?

Your item will be shipped promptly from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California. Please see the Shipping section above for additional information.

What does "staggered" mean?

"Staggered" is an arrangement in which the front or rear set of wheels is larger than the other. A staggered configuration can help vehicles perform better on uneven ground, and is also done for aesthetic reasons.